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Words Do Hurt


30 day workbook. This workbook if used properly will change the way you speak, thus changing the way you think and ultimately changing the way you live. Words are powerful and should be used to heal and not hurt.

Poetry in Black and White

Poetry in Black and White is a compilation of social commentary poetry that seeks to address the growing social discords and dysfunctions of our time.

Praise Is What I Do!: Psalms for the Modern Soul

Praise is What I Do is first and foremost an expression of deep love and commitment to the God. It's words are an outpouring of praise and worship. Although these words cannot adequately express all of the author's inexpressible joy, it is an attempt to share her deep reverence, faith, and love for God. The poems in this volume cover everything from expressions of praise to poems about controversial issues.

Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating Circumstances is an experimental book. Written in the same format as Jean Toomer, "Cane", Extenuating Circumstances combines short fiction pieces with poetry. However, the stories range in genre from contemporary and science fiction to futuristic. The stories and poems are written to reflect how the extenuating circumstances we encounter mark us and change us in ways that are unanticipated and, often, terrifying. They alter our values and lives, sometimes, in ways which empower us. Although, often, the changes force us onto a path we may not otherwise have chosen to pursue. The concept for Extenuating Circumstance was conceived with the idea that, while readers want a central theme to the stories they read, not all of the stories need follow the same genre.

You Are What You Eat: Human Body Function in Relation to Food

Through your parent's influence, you learned the importance of eating balanced meals and drinking plenty of water. But classes on basic body function in relation to food never existed, so you grasped little about your body functions in relation to true nutrition. In this self - teaching - book you will learn the basics of body function in relation to food. And what your body can and can't do with the foods you eat - all using basic and easy- to- implement concepts.

Budget Fitting: Secure Your Future

This book is meant to guide the reader on a journey of discovery through basic definitions and how they apply to the total financial picture. The author believes in the universal application of the principles therein. This is a book to be read and studied over and over for maximum benefit. You will certainly profit from your readings.Managing finances is by far the most important personal activity in daily life. Everyone needs money to live and certainly wants enough to live comfortably now and into the future. This book outlines principles that will guide you to budget fitting so you can secure your financial future.

Flip This Diamond House

You're thinking about purchasing a house in disrepair. You want to remodel it and try to earn some extra money. In Flip This Diamond House, author Majorie B. Patralski offers a useful guide to flipping houses and details some of the bumps and obstacles you may encounter. Using her personal experiences as a flipper, Patralski presents an overview of the process. She gives suggestions on what to look for in a property; poses questions to consider when buying; and provides tips and tricks to help you be successful in the endeavor, from contractors to estimates. Patralski discusses the key elements to leverage spending and realize a greater profit through real-life data and examples. With more than fifty color photos included, Flip This Diamond House looks at the ins and outs of home flipping, giving advice, helpful tips, and recommendations. Patralski demonstrates how a house can become that diamond in the rough, sparkling and shining.

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