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Ring Bells of Joy

My goal is to implement teacher plan for all ages. This book is about five days before Christmas in Colorado Springs. Everyone was shopping for Christmas except poor old Mrs. Mary, who had six children but with no husband and no job. Mary had given them odd names that reminded her of Christmas because they were all born in December. Mary’s only concern was about her children and their gifts.

Destined For Greatness Journal


With a grandmother coming from Jamaica and becoming a US Citizen, goal setting was a must for my family. Through goal setting, taking action, and being intentional, everyone is destined for greatness. This journal will be a tool for your holiday planning and new year goal setting.

Destined For Greatness Book


Destined for Greatness is about rendering experience as successful businesswomen and nurses. Ten women present this motivational collection of real-life experiences of juggling double careers. Written with honest and engaging prose, it is full of personal stories intended to encourage readers to pursue life with purpose, follow their dreams, and achieve their set goals. Both spiritual and practical, this inspirational book combines modern nursing and entrepreneurial knowledge with success secrets to create distinctive, valuable insights. It reveals the raw, often sightless, journey of success and serves as a stimulus for nurses striving for personal growth and professional independence.

Women Put Yourselves First and Be Happier

This is an inspirational book for women and girls, but anyone is welcome to read it. I know that by teaching women and girls to put themselves first and take care of themselves first, then you are teaching everyone to do the same, as women give birth and are the natural nurturers and teachers anyway.

Kee Kee's Metamorphosis: Personal Reflections and Strategies for Healing from Childhood Trauma and Bullying

Kee Kee's Metamorphosis takes you on a journey of a young girl struggling with bullying and abuse. Intended for a wide audience, especially middle and high schoolers, this book shows how bullying can lead to depression, frustration, and the path of self-destruction. The author has shared what she went through as a 13-year-old in Madison, Wisconsin. This book is her way of helping current and potential victims of bullying regain their self-worth. For those whose sense of identity has been forced on them by others and whose day-to-day lives are run by shame and avoidance, Kee Kee's Metamorphosis can be a life saver. In this eye-opening and thought-provoking book, the victims will find hope and strategies to maneuver around being bullied. So join Kee Kee as she navigates this journey, recovers from trauma, and learns to forgive. This true story is one you don't want to miss.

Usborne Books & More Children's Books

Promote literacy in your children's lives with Usborne Books & More children's books. UBAM offers interactive, engaging, and educational books for children from infants to young adults. Interested in hosting a Facebook party to earn free books? Invite your Facebook friends to the virtual event and I do the rest!

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