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The 1776 Soldier


Roxanne Stevens is happy being the chef at the 1776 Inn, but when her aunt is murdered and sends her information, she has to investigate. Jake Adams, a soldier and HVAC apprentice, is told by his general to investigate the same murder, which is linked to the past and a soldier who is a messenger for General Washington. While they investigate, they fall in love, but can they survive the murderers who are after them? This book is the latest in the 1776 series by Louise Harris.

Doubtful to Decisive: Eight Steps to Get Unstuck and Take Action


This self-development book provides a lifeline for anyone who feels stuck, overwhelmed, stressed out, or frustrated. Monica shares stories, case studies, tools, and strategies to help anyone improve their lives with confidence, clarity, and proactive action. 288 pages, 48 journaling exercises such as Build a R.A.F.T., Face Your Fears, and Pump the Gas or Push the Brakes.

Groovy Girl


Groovy Girl is a brash, so-raw-it's-still-bleeding story about the meaning of strength and who possesses it; about where truth hides and who is telling it; and about a feisty Filipino-American girl who artfully and gracefully—though at times awkwardly—steps out from under the long shadow of people we all grew up with, in search of her path and purpose. Groovy Girl is the winner of the 2022 National Indie Excellence Award for AAPI fiction; a 2022 shortlist recipient of the Hawthorne Prize; a finalist at the American Fiction Awards and American Writing Awards for Multicultural Fiction and Young Adult Fiction; and a first-place winner at the BookFest Book Awards and Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Book Awards in General Fiction and New Fiction, respectively.

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