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Groovy Girl


Groovy Girl is a brash, so-raw-it's-still-bleeding story about the meaning of strength and who possesses it; about where truth hides and who is telling it; and about a feisty Filipino-American girl who artfully and gracefully—though at times awkwardly—steps out from under the long shadow of people we all grew up with, in search of her path and purpose. Groovy Girl is the winner of the 2022 National Indie Excellence Award for AAPI fiction; a 2022 shortlist recipient of the Hawthorne Prize; a finalist at the American Fiction Awards and American Writing Awards for Multicultural Fiction and Young Adult Fiction; and a first-place winner at the BookFest Book Awards and Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Book Awards in General Fiction and New Fiction, respectively.

Endurance is Victory


A journey of overcoming obstacles became one of triumph and victory. The pain and hurt that once defined their existence became stepping stones towards a brighter future. With continuous perseverance, a forgiving heart, and a clear purpose, I conquered the obstacles that came my way and I emerged victorious.

Cómo Criar A Los Hijos Sin Miedo (Spanish Edition)


Descubre los secretos de la crianza confiada con 'Cómo Hacerlo: Crianza con Confianza' de Vanessa Kahlon. Esta guía innovadora, respaldada por investigaciones y anécdotas personales, ofrece soluciones prácticas para cada desafío de la paternidad. Desde los berrinches hasta fomentar la empatía, los consejos de Kahlon empoderan a los padres para superar diversas etapas del desarrollo con facilidad. Descubre técnicas mindfulness, estrategias adecuadas para cada edad e ideas sinceras que fortalecen los lazos y alegran la paternidad. Transforma desafíos en oportunidades y abraza una relación armónica padre-hijo. Tu camino hacia una paternidad confiada comienza aquí.



Empower your teaching journey with 'Teaching with Heart' – a 90-day self-care journal crafted just for you. Authored by Vanessa Kahlon, an experienced educator, this journal is your daily companion in finding balance, joy, and resilience amidst the demands of teaching. Explore daily affirmations, mindfulness exercises, and practical tips, designed to nurture your well-being. Prioritize your self-care, enhance your classroom experience, and teach with heart. It's not just a journal; it's your roadmap to mindful teaching.

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