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Book: Dare To Say No: Stop Saying Yes When You Really Mean No


The behavior known as "subjugation" in psychology is one of the major patterns of thinking and behaving that can impair a life. This “Doormat Syndrome” or “people-pleasing on steroids” is more common than most people realize. We are all somewhere on the spectrum of subjugation. Success in the life of one who subjugates chronically will not be achieved. This book is an exposé of this phenomenon. I explain it, illustrate it, show how it presents itself, explore its roots, and, most importantly, make clear how it may be overcome.

That Needle is Not For Me


Brooklyn has an exam at the doctor's today. Her mother did not tell her she had to get a vaccine to return to school. Brooklyn does not like needles, and the doctor has to convince Brooklyn she needs the vaccine to go to school. Brooklyn loves school. But it is always difficult for her to agree to needles. The question is, will Brooklyn take the vaccine?

Mommy Why Do I Have A Cold? (Hard cover)


Soulette is sad because she can not go to school today. Her mother tells her she is coming down with a cold. Soulette wants to know where colds come from and how she catches them. Her mother calls her nanna into the room, who is a nurse. Her mother tells her nanna, Soulette wants to know how she caught a cold. Her nanna tells Soulette some ways a person might catch a cold.

The 1776 Musket


Lynn Binary is a typical college freshman studying computer programming. She has fun with her roommate, studies hard and hangs out at the computer lab or library. Her world is forever changed when she meets the hot new teaching assistant and a bomb explodes in the library. She has to team up with Solomon Adams and the FBI to stop the bomber. Will they be able to stop the bomber before another explodes?

The 1776 Bed and Breakfast


Angqlique Chalfont owns a bed and breakfast but experiences a theft, two fires and sabotage. She thinks the man from the Delaware River Touring Co. is behind all her problems. He is not, but he has a secret.

The 1776 Scroll of Secrets


Charlie Schofield is a witch who is kidnapped over a magic scroll. She is the only one to unlock the magic, but everyone except one person thinks she is faking to get attention. Will she be able to unlock the magic in time? Will she find her true love?

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