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DAC's Flat Fee Pharmacy

Do you spend more than $20.00 on Rx for your self? More than $30.00 for your family? If so, you can save money. One low monthly membership over 90% of all meds are FREE. Look up your meds.

Tranzact VISA Card

This VISA card is revolutionizing the credit and banking industry! It provides a way for everyday folks to at least double their buying power and create an ever growing NestEgg for the future! And for entrepreneurs, you will earn money each and every time somebody swipes one of our Tranzact VISA cards across the Country! The funds that normally go to banks, will now flow into your pocket, building your future wealth!

Connect & Serve 2 year empower program


Connect & Serve is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission help its members take a holistic approach to eliminating the barriers and challenges the cause their poverty. Our two year program "Empowered to Change" allows our members to create their own pathways from poverty to prosperity by getting support and services for the mind, body and soul. Our professional partners assist members through a variety of services including: custom coaching, tailor-made mentoring, mindful practices to decrease stress, financial literacy, fitness health and nutrition.

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