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Step into My World of Schizophrenia

When you find yourself in a world full of promises, hopes, dreams, and sometimes fantasies only to be caught up in a world of confusion, disappointments, and untruth, you often find yourself holding onto the edge, at times unable to relate, wondering if it’s your last breath, chance, or unforeseen opportunity to make your messed up situation right. As life takes a turn for what we might think is the worst, a change soon comes that puts the pieces to the puzzle in its proper place.

Night Lights over Greeneville

This was never intended to become a book but merely an inquisitive endeavor, or search, to discover what those ‘flashing lights’ were up over the mountains. It was as simple as that. Local people said they had no idea what they were, but that people had seen them over many years and just assumed they were airplanes. Pictures were taken of the flashes and then when the pictures were obtained, the image was cropped around it in close to see what would be revealed. That turned out to be a complete surprise. There were shapes conforming to the way people identify images as being like UFOs should be, but there were a whole lot of strange images doing very strange things that hadn’t been expected. Yes, they are still labeled as UFOs (Unidentified Foreign Objects) but they come with a whole new list of strange happenings, experiences, paranormal events both with new and sometimes with answers to some old questions. The author lets her imagination get away a time or two as she tries to imagine a scenario that could depict what is taking place within a series of pictures. She could be ‘way off’ but it gives a ‘jumping off place’ for others to come up with an answer. Actual pictures… true experiences… hidden things emerging… and information or answers sometimes materialize. It’s all included within the pages of the book and many will find things they’ve never heard of or seen before, but there just also might be things that match something they themselves have seen and tried to explain and now has a picture to show of it. The entire book is for you to think about and then YOU DECIDE.

Poetry & Pictures

Togetherness and sharing. This sums up the specialness of this book. The book can be enjoyed and looked at alone or with others no matter what age. It will bring the much needed these days bonding of friends and family in a fun type of experience. Whether read or looked at alone or getting together with others to read or hear the stories put into a simple cadence of understanding type poetry the book will be enjoyable for all. Back in time there was prose and poetry with rhyming words in a variety of ways. These days some poetry has become so involved with fancy words and details the thoughts and fun for some about poetry has vanished away. This book tells stories but in a very simple to understand rhyming cadence poetry which may open up or awaken a ‘new phase’ of interest to the readers to try. There are pictures to go with a lot of the poems which will help open up your thoughts and imagination so when the poems without pictures happen, you may sense almost seeing pictures from your imagination showing on the inner screen of the movie theater of your mind.

The REAL Life of MAKE believe

There are two sides to every story. Some say stories are made up fantasies or fairy tales, while others think they are true. Well, this book covers them both. The stories ARE made up… but… the pictures of the things described within the stories are REAL! The pictures may look like they ‘should’ be the ‘fairy tale’ or‘folklore’ because how could you take a picture of something that doesn’t exist without altering the photo, which these are not.YOU DECIDE!

Teach Your Tot to Swim: Republished Print Edition

The original book was published in 1970 with steps to teach very small children how to swim. It was used by swim instructors as well as parents. The original book is being republished for its 50th anniversary. The new book will include some additional material for the reader.

Tenacity: Penciling the Journey and Inking the Destiny


It is her story of embracing risk and change and learning to dance with them. Beginning with a painting of life in Fiji that cradles readers so softly that they wish that they had been born there, readers then accompany her on an adventure to Canada as her family relocates. There is no way to grasp her family's insistence she marry a stranger. Her parents, victims of cultural conformity, insist that she stay with him regardless of the physical and mental abuse he inflicts. Veena's choices inspire readers to deny fear it's power and to embrace change so they can become the authors of their own stories.

She Never Uttered a Word

She knew it instinctively. She could feel it. It was a feeling that occupied her entire being, and it hurt. It was obvious that he didn't love her anymore. A thousand questions raced through her mind. When did he stop? Why? Will he love me again? Can it be worked out? She then asked herself the ultimate question, was there another woman? The thought jolted her. Jennifer Ashby wanted her marriage to work, but it was time for her to take off the blinders and truly see her husband, Kevin, for what he was: no good. Upon learning that that their six-year marriage meant nothing more to him than her death, Jen needed a beacon to guide her out of her dark and tenebrous situation. Who better to lead her than Audrey-her sister, her protector, and her friend? Struggling to make sense out of what is happening in her marriage, she realizes that her very life hinges on the balance of Kevin's infidelity and the undeniable truth that money can give new meaning to the words 'till death do us part.

Interpersonal Aggression: Complexities of Domestic and Intimate Partner Abuse

One in three women and one in four men have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Interpersonal Aggression: Complexities of Domestic and Intimate Partner Abuse is a practical guide that provides necessary information for anyone who knows or works with victims/survivors -- attorneys, law enforcement, social workers and therapists, family and friends concerned about loved ones, members of the judiciary and clergy-- basically any helping profession. Author CarolAnn Peterson takes the reader through the various aspects of a victim's encounters, the history of domestic abuse, the legal system and law enforcement, workplace domestic violence, religion, the intersection of the LGBTQ+ community and intimate partner abuse, domestic abuse in the military, how culture influences victims' decisions, batterers/abusers and intervention programs/counseling, and the impact of domestic violence on health and mental health of victims and children. Dr. Peterson examines why victims stay and when they leave, what help is available, why abusers abuse, and what happens to the children, among other important topics. She offers comfort to anyone working with victims of domestic and intimate partner abuse -- no matter the role they play.

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