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This book is for any person who may have struggled with things from their past that they may have not healed from. It’s to let the reader know that no mess is too messed up for God and that He is capable of turning that mess into a message.

The BitterSweet of a Woman

Inspired by different relationships and various journal entries in hopes to find my way. There are four stages in life and in relationships; love, the break, bitter, and reflection. This book is a letter written poetically to God to express feelings and release some secrets that was cast away in journals throughout the years of struggle.

Words Do Hurt


30 day workbook. This workbook if used properly will change the way you speak, thus changing the way you think and ultimately changing the way you live. Words are powerful and should be used to heal and not hurt.

Praise Is What I Do!: Psalms for the Modern Soul

Praise is What I Do is first and foremost an expression of deep love and commitment to the God. It's words are an outpouring of praise and worship. Although these words cannot adequately express all of the author's inexpressible joy, it is an attempt to share her deep reverence, faith, and love for God. The poems in this volume cover everything from expressions of praise to poems about controversial issues.

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