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The REAL Life of MAKE believe

There are two sides to every story. Some say stories are made up fantasies or fairy tales, while others think they are true. Well, this book covers them both. The stories ARE made up… but… the pictures of the things described within the stories are REAL! The pictures may look like they ‘should’ be the ‘fairy tale’ or‘folklore’ because how could you take a picture of something that doesn’t exist without altering the photo, which these are not.YOU DECIDE!

Royalty Gems The Gems of Knowledge


I'll teach you to live your purpose on purpose: Whether you're looking for love, financial freedom, or spiritual growth, this book is for you. This movement will inspire you to take action! More than a book, it's a lifestyle. If you want this coming year be one of the best fulling year yet. Wait no longer and do instant download or choose 2 days shipping for hard copy

Tammy's Original/Gluten Free Cookbook


This book was created for families to enjoy the same desserts even if they have gluten sensitivities. A page will present my original recipe and the following page will present the gluten free or gluten free and dairy free recipe of the same dessert.

You Have to Laugh to Keep from Crying: How to Parent Your Parents


Up till now, you have dealt with life with grace and style, learning from the mistakes you’ve made along the way. You’ve raised your children and enjoyed a successful career. Now, though, you face the challenge of a lifetime, one that may have you feeling like you’ve suddenly been tossed in the deep end of the pool. Sometimes, parenting your parents can be an overwhelming task, one that has you struggling to keep your head above water.

Little Sweethearts: Little Sweethearts by Deborah Muller


Little Sweethearts Coloring Book by Deborah Muller. Little Sweethearts is full of cute, whimsical and fun girls all ready to share their hearts in Deborah Muller style. 30 pages of Valentine girls, hearts and pets guaranteed to make you smile. You will love this special Valentines book filled with hearts and love. Single sided, professionally bound and printed. Cover colored by Artist Shawn Bobar.

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