Category: Romance

A Dream Comes to Pinesdale


For the past fortnight a beautiful, blue eyed woman dominated the dreams of the illustrious horse breeder, Nakai Kensington. After being in a relationship that ended in his fiancée’s deceit, a committed relationship, was the last thing on his mind. Then he is introduced to the estranged sister of his adopted brother Falcon and finds himself staring into blue eyes just like the beautiful woman from his vision. How can he treat her like a sister when his soul seeks more. Miliya Davis discovers at the reading of her grandmother’s will that her estranged brother Shadowhawk now known as Doctor Falcon Kensington, is alive and living in Pinesdale, a day’s ride from her hometown Lame Deer, Montana. Stipulations of the will stated she must live with him since he was her only relative. Eager to get acquainted with her brother and thankful she wouldn’t be alone, Miliya packs her belongings and boards a stagecoach, only to be kidnapped by three men, however was soon rescued. The Kensington brothers embraced her into their family and she finds herself in a quandary about the eldest, Nakai, and the tumultuous feelings tossing about inside. Could their relationship be more than platonic?

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