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Poetry in Black and White

Poetry in Black and White is a compilation of social commentary poetry that seeks to address the growing social discords and dysfunctions of our time.

Poetically Speaking

Vivian is a people person, never meet a stranger, and has a outstanding personality. Vivian has been an evangelist for over twenty years. She founded Upon This Rock Outreach Ministry in Lake Wales, Florida in 2005. " I Am My Sisters Keeper", Sisters Strengthening Sisters is a yearly retreat she also began in 2005. Vivian Lewter Loydd, a woman of essence.

Then My Mind Took a Walk to Love

Then My Mind Took a Walk To Love . . . is a collection of original lyrics, poems, and photographs that reflect inspirations, insights, loves, and disappointments experienced and shared by the author. The majority of these writings were done during an intense period of her life when she took a spiritual journey in pursuit of divine joy and love under circumstances that were often very un-divine. The poems are woven with metaphors that weave nature and human experience into a common fabric. Peering through her personal emotions, are also reflections of her love of life and personal philosophy on many of its issues. These works are seasoned with romance, frustrations, joy, and longing. For those of you with an insight into the spiritual view of life or a love of nature, her works may be particularly touching.

Mr. Bubbles


This verse novel flows quickly and rhythmically. Each chapter faces and resolves a new challenge. Bobby Bubbles leaves high school to embark on building a life of his own. His dad?s bad temper and divorce from his mom have left Bobby?s life rather deflated and lacking in social skills. His faith, his sister Beth and eventually a few friends, including an imaginary one named Chuck, help guide him on his journey to find love and a meaningful life. While transparently solving problems along the way, the reader can experience the relief of resolution and perhaps muster motivation and courage to solve some problems of their own.

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