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Night Lights over Greeneville

This was never intended to become a book but merely an inquisitive endeavor, or search, to discover what those ‘flashing lights’ were up over the mountains. It was as simple as that. Local people said they had no idea what they were, but that people had seen them over many years and just assumed they were airplanes. Pictures were taken of the flashes and then when the pictures were obtained, the image was cropped around it in close to see what would be revealed. That turned out to be a complete surprise. There were shapes conforming to the way people identify images as being like UFOs should be, but there were a whole lot of strange images doing very strange things that hadn’t been expected. Yes, they are still labeled as UFOs (Unidentified Foreign Objects) but they come with a whole new list of strange happenings, experiences, paranormal events both with new and sometimes with answers to some old questions. The author lets her imagination get away a time or two as she tries to imagine a scenario that could depict what is taking place within a series of pictures. She could be ‘way off’ but it gives a ‘jumping off place’ for others to come up with an answer. Actual pictures… true experiences… hidden things emerging… and information or answers sometimes materialize. It’s all included within the pages of the book and many will find things they’ve never heard of or seen before, but there just also might be things that match something they themselves have seen and tried to explain and now has a picture to show of it. The entire book is for you to think about and then YOU DECIDE.

The Makeup of a Confident Woman: The Science of Beauty, the Gift of Time, and the Power of Putting Your Best Face Forward

Internationally recognized makeup artist and trailblazing entrepreneur Trish McEvoy reveals her revolutionary, proven system that teaches women everywhere at any age to achieve total beauty security and confidence in this inspirational full-color playbook that is part empowering manifesto, part comprehensive how-to guide. Thousands of women, both celebrities and private clients alike, have turned to Trish McEvoy’s proprietary system for applying makeup, and looking—and feeling—transformed. Now, millions of women will have the opportunity to access her secret method in one complete, gorgeous book that goes beyond the basic step-by-step makeup lessons. Trish understands the power of beauty security. A woman with a positive self-image, can-do attitude, and sense of grace and calm will get what she wants out of life, and then some. But it’s not so easy to cultivate these qualities. Trish has a simple, 4-part solution. And it surprisingly starts with leveraging just a few minutes a day in a unique way. Even the most time-starved woman can do this, with lasting results. Compiling all of her best wisdom, Trish begins with a passionate and persuasive argument that makes clear the importance of self-care, then offers specific strategies to transform yourself from the outside in. Infused with Trish’s trademark charisma, this motivational, must-have resource is filled with highly practical takeaways and tutorials that will equip you with the tools to face life at your most beautiful and self-assured. The Makeup of a Confident Woman includes over 200 full-color illustrations.

Motherhood Is a B#tch: 10 Steps to Regaining Your Sanity, Sexiness, and Inner Diva

You’ve had a kid or two . . . or three. Now, every time you look in the mirror you ask yourself, “Who the hell is that tired, washed out woman looking back at me?” What happened to the stylish, stiletto-wearing woman who prided herself on living the fabulous life? It’s time to reclaim your pre-baby body, mind, and mojo. No more sulking, stressing, or resenting other moms who have it more together than you and wondering how they do it. Motherhood is a B#tch! tells you how YOU can do it.

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