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Face 2 Face


Many of us are hurting and struggling through life’s storms. It can sometimes feel as though we are experiencing the wilderness alone. Circumstances arise suddenly and unexpectedly in life that can bring us to our knees. It is there where we have a deep desire to pray and seek God in prayer, but it’s hard to find the words and how to say them escapes us. Even if we are familiar with how to pray, devastating trials can take away thought patterns and leave us longing for the right words to say to our Lord. This collection of prayers will walks readers through the inevitable twist and turns, ups and downs, good times and bad times of life. With focus on God, Face 2 Face allows readers to touch the heart of God in order to find a voice. Each prayer provides Bible Scriptures to refer to in a time of need. These everyday topics will bring us Face 2 Face with God with prayers focusing on: v Spiritual warfare v Guidance v Spiritual instructions v Support v Encouragement v Prayers for pastors, ministers, and laypersons v Prayer Scriptures Once we have a guide to scriptural praying, our prayer life will increase and soon, we will seek God on a regular basis. While reading Face 2 Face, it is author Lula Brown’s prayer that God will provide you with a fervent and powerful prayer life.

52 Weeks of Practical Applications to Biblical Principles: A Guide to Practice What You Preach or Teach. How to Live the Word of God from Day to Day!!!

In our daily walk as a Christian, reading, studying, and learning the Word of God is very important. But over the course of years, I have noticed that it is very hard for many Christians to apply what they’ve learned to their daily lives. For this reason, I have written Fifty-two Weeks of Biblical Principles, a guide that will teach you how to walk daily in the Word of God! Fifty-two Weeks of Biblical Principles, also includes helpful weekly applications everyday living. It will teach you how to face life challenges without losing or compromising your integrity. As you apply these principles, you will see personal growth, spiritual maturity and, you will learn how to trust God in every area and situation that you may encounter in life.

Is the Church Sick?

It is Catherine Braswell’s opinion that as far as we’ve fallen as a nation, we have fallen even further as “a church community.” We look for unrighteousness in the world, but what happens when we see it on a daily basis in the House of God? No wonder the questions is asked, “is the Church Sick?

My Spiritual Checkup

According to the author, Christians need to check in with their Lord and Master, the Great Physician, to be certain that the challenges of this life have not produced any major, bad spiritual changes in their spiritual condition. In thirteen chapters, Braswell helps readers assess themselves and addresses how they can recover from their current state. Braswell starts by identifying what readers should look for during the checkup. She covers all aspects of one’s being, from the mind to the heart. At the end, she helps readers handle the results of their spiritual examination and leads them to move forward.

The Deadly Battleground of the 21st Century Church


Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, Deborah Solomon is an Ordained World Evangelist, Licensed Minister and Deliverance Christian Counselor. Deborah has been Ministering in Churches, Conferences, and Seminars in the United States and the Caribbean for the past thirty years to present. Deborah also operates as the Director and Events Coordinator for a Children's Charity Organization since 1995 to present. Deborah holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Psychology and Sociology from John Brown University, Siloam Springs, Arkansas. She also holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Oral Roberts University with a pending Master of Arts in Christian Counseling Degree. She also holds a Diploma in Evangelism and Missions from Youth With a Mission World Missionary Organization. Deborah has recently launched a CD, LOOSE THAT WOMAN AND LET HER GO, a Spoken Word Musical for women from all walks of life. She currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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