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Secretly Special

This chapter book is about a few special Jr. High students that were always being teased and bullied by one group of another. After talking to each other they found that each one of them had a secret that helped them cope with children and adults that enjoyed laughing at others without any thought of the other person’s feelings. What kept them going no matter the teasing or laughter? This book measures 6” x 9” and is about 80 pages with full color detailed pictures.

Munchie and Goldie the Most Unlikely Friends

Munchie is a squirrel and Goldie is a fan tail goldfish. They both have secret dreams. They become best friends even though they are completely different from each other. What are their secrets and how did a fan tailed goldfish end up in a forest lake? This is an 85 page picture book that measures 11”x 8.5”. It has at least 41 full color pictures.

My Children's Eyes

Being a mother is the greatest gift I have ever received. Although as mothers we struggle sometimes to do our best, juggling working and being there for our children, we must sometimes take a step back and enjoy the moments. In a blink of an eye, our children will grow up, and we will yearn for those times when they were young. So cherish every day and teach them to always shoot for the stars, for anything they dream can be achieved!

VM5: Nothing But The Truth

A woman’s body is like a precious gem. It is of great value and shines differently from every angle, like valuable stones that are to be cherished, for they represent purity. Therefore, Nishi should have remained pure until some young man proved he was her soul mate. From the beginning, Nishi shimmered but due to the lack of a true sense of self-worth, vulnerability was inevitable. By the time she reached puberty, she should have known her worth, but her family didn’t see the need for such vital discussions. Throughout her life, she’d been in murky waters, noticing serpentine like motions, and had even been bitten a few times. Which is why, as an adult, you’d think she would’ve run like hell to avoid another bite...

VM4: A Mother's Betrayal

In my eyes, my mother set me up from the very beginning and then in every way possible, allowing the system to take hold of my life. Teens, if no else, need that frequent guidance in order to project a radiant future...

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