SHUT UP AND PARENT: How To Raise Your Child Without Yelling

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SHUT UP AND PARENT: How To Raise Your Child Without Yelling

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Transform chaos into calm with 'Shut Up And Parent' by Vanessa Kahlon. This practical guide offers overwhelmed parents real solutions, not just for their challenging children but for the whole family. Say goodbye to yelling and hello to harmony. Rebuild your relationship and find solace in parenting. It's time to reclaim your home.

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For over two decades Vanessa Kahlon (MA, Clinical Psychology) has worked with families and children in homes and in schools (including her own non-profit KFS School), helping parents who find themselves at sea when interacting with their challenged and exceptional children, particularly children for whom the traditional school setting doesn’t work and/or whose behavioral/emotional issues are impeding their emotional, social and/or academic development as well as disrupting or frustrating those around them. For the parents of these children, yelling often understandably becomes the first (and sometimes only) tool in their toolbox. The yelling strategy becomes the norm in the family, and then when the yelling doesn’t work, things can go downhill very fast. This is the point where we need to really take a step back and figure out how to change the family’s behavior, not just the child’s. Shut Up And Parent provides tools for the overwhelmed parents of overwhelmed children. Rather than offering academic platitudes or complex overly-intellectualized “plans” and “programs,” this book provides practical, hands-on guidance that recognizes that the family usually is part of the problem and necessarily must be part of the solution. Any parent of a behaviorally/emotionally challenged or otherwise struggling or difficult child can find some wisdom and some solace by using the tools provided in the pages of this book. Hopefully, the reader will experience its value in an improved parent-child relationship."The reason I wrote this book and called it “Shut Up And Parent” is to give support and tools for parents who are feeling defeated in their own home as a parent, or overwhelmed by their child’s intense personality. This book will give concrete strategies for how to build your relationship back, even when you are setting strong boundaries. This will be a process for the entire family and it takes time to fully grasp some of the concepts, but if done consistently, you will start to see a shift at home where you don’t want to pull your hair out or come home only after the children are in bed.” — Vanessa Kahlon, MA

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