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Step into My World of Schizophrenia

When you find yourself in a world full of promises, hopes, dreams, and sometimes fantasies only to be caught up in a world of confusion, disappointments, and untruth, you often find yourself holding onto the edge, at times unable to relate, wondering if it’s your last breath, chance, or unforeseen opportunity to make your messed up situation right. As life takes a turn for what we might think is the worst, a change soon comes that puts the pieces to the puzzle in its proper place.

A Plain Brown Wren: A Spiritual Journey of a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

What does it take to get over an abusive childhood? Can those who have been victimized ever be fully whole again? Yes, says Rev. Hilda Thomasine Wren in her stirring and inspirational memoir, A Plain Brown Wren. Wren was born into a severely dysfunctional family. Beaten and sexually abused as a child, and denied the love and acceptance she so desperately needed. Wren ran away as a teenager. She soon was thrust into a life of prostitution, and began a series of damaging relationships with unavailable, brutal or uncaring men. Yet, at age 25, she began to realize that there was a higher power who might help her. With great courage and strong faith, Wren began to rebuild her life, becoming so successful that she started a foundation, Spiritual Connections, Inc. to help other women and children recover from the terrible tragedy of sexual abuse. This is a heartfelt, heart wrenching, and deeply inspirational book for anyone who has ever suffered abuse or known someone who has. Wren’s memoir proves that it is never too late to succeed and that, where there is faith, there can always be hope.

Joelle's Cry for Justice: Finding the Positive Side to Grief

Jacqueline Gates' life changed forever one wintry morning in 1987. Her ten-year-old daughter, Joelle Rosebush, had been hit by a car as she crossed the street to come home with her two siblings, Heather and Keith. After a few days, the hospital couldn't do anything else for Joelle, and a helicopter transferred her to a new hospital where she spent six months on a respirator in a pediatric intensive care unit. In this heartfelt account, the author shares the emotions she and her family navigated as Joelle spent eighteen months in a vegetative state and the wrenching decision of taking her off life support after consulting with a medical bioethics committee, a social worker, family priest, and medical staff.

I was Somebody's Trash Now I'm God's Treasure: The Struggles and Victories of Marla D. Cline-Buckner-Mason-Thomas-Loggins-Facey version 2

This is an inspiring story of the good, bad and the ugly, the life of Marla is one of love, losses, disappointments, betrayal, and triumph over challenges all throughout her life. My stories in this book don't just tell of abuse or neglect, but also of the difficulties that I face in the Missouri State Division of Child Welfare and foster care systems, how I was affected when my family did not bond with me as a small child, how my parents struggled to bond with me as a baby and I was born with a parent with alcohol and or drug addictions, and also the lack of ability to support me and my siblings as needed. But even though we as children experienced incredibly difficult times, these stories offer hope and inspiration that someone does care, and with the right support my and through my faith and trust in God my life was turned around.

Tears of Onions: The Gift of Finding Refuge in Our Own Lives

There was a season in my life when I lost everything. Amid that period, I lost all hope. As time passed, the need to heal from my own excruciating experience would give me the courage to walk back down memory lane to a place where a group of refugee women would come together to create a sanctuary in which we could share our hopes, fears, and memories. I kept these women in my heart for years, and never forgot how we found a place to gather and bond together as we prepared favorite meals from our different homelands. In some aspect, as human beings, we are all refugees looking for a safe haven in the new places we hope to call home. Tears of Onions is about life, love, struggles, fighting to survive, injustice, unfairness, and how we all share a common ground when it comes to our human nature. In the end, love and simple human compassion can save us all.

I Would Do It All Again

How to survive a difficult marriage by going to God's Word. Dr. Andes was a Catholic Nun for 21 yrs. Left, outlived two husbands. Second marriage was difficult and had no place to go except to God which she did through His Word. At widowhood she became a missionary at age 73. Been to Africa 16 times and Cuba once. At 86 God took her back to where she was 45 years earlier to complete His plan.

The Stolen Branch: Lost Black History

For centuries, the Black Community has been robbed of its History, Many can equate this to being robbed of your birthright. This began with the ushering in of slavery, to the stealing of inventions and ideas, until present day misgivings. These misgivings were perpetrated not only by plantation owners but by those who ran and kept plantations thriving. They would be called "Overseers." Overseers, who were given credit for the economic progress that each plantation would enjoy. The real economic progress was built on the backs of and by the hands of those who were less fortunate. They would be called Slaves. These are also the same people who built universities but were not allowed to be educated within. These were built for Caucasians. Truth be known, Caucasian people did not want the Black Community to get an education, they didn't even want them to learn to read.

Fight Back and Win: My Thirty-Year Fight Against Injustice--And How You Can Win Your Own Battles

Voted by her peers as one of the best lawyers in America, and described by Time magazine as "one of the nation's most effective advocates of family rights and feminist causes," Allred has devoted her career to fighting for civil rights and has won hundreds of millions of dollars for victims of abuse. She has taken on countless institutions to promote equality, including the Boy Scouts, the Friars Club, and the United States Senate. And as the attorney for numerous high-profile clients—including Nicole Brown Simpson's family, actress Hunter Tylo, and Amber Frey, Scott Peterson's girlfriend—Allred has helped victims assert and protect their rights. Throughout her memoir, Allred offers colorful—sometimes shocking—examples of self-empowerment from her personal and professional life. Presenting nearly fifty of her most memorable cases, Allred takes us deep inside the justice system to show how it's possible to win even in the face of staggering odds. Her inspiring true stories serve to remind us that winning justice depends on the righ-teousness of the cause and an individual's willingness to stand up, speak out, and fight back. Fight Back and Win is a powerful testament to Gloria Allred's trailblazing career and the battles she has fought alongside countless brave individuals to win justice for us all.

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