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Interpersonal Aggression: Complexities of Domestic and Intimate Partner Abuse

One in three women and one in four men have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Interpersonal Aggression: Complexities of Domestic and Intimate Partner Abuse is a practical guide that provides necessary information for anyone who knows or works with victims/survivors -- attorneys, law enforcement, social workers and therapists, family and friends concerned about loved ones, members of the judiciary and clergy-- basically any helping profession. Author CarolAnn Peterson takes the reader through the various aspects of a victim's encounters, the history of domestic abuse, the legal system and law enforcement, workplace domestic violence, religion, the intersection of the LGBTQ+ community and intimate partner abuse, domestic abuse in the military, how culture influences victims' decisions, batterers/abusers and intervention programs/counseling, and the impact of domestic violence on health and mental health of victims and children. Dr. Peterson examines why victims stay and when they leave, what help is available, why abusers abuse, and what happens to the children, among other important topics. She offers comfort to anyone working with victims of domestic and intimate partner abuse -- no matter the role they play.

I don't have a Mommy or Daddy Anymore: Dealing with Children who have lost a Parent or Caretaker

Dealing with children who are being raised by people other than their biological parents. Children that have experienced the loss of a parent due to homicide, suicide or manslaughter and also children being raised in foster care. What they go through and react to these traumas in losing a parent. How do you explain what has happened to their parent? Perhaps you are dealing with a child that has been placed in your home and they are coming from a traumatic background. We will be discussing how each age group may react to these situations and what you can do to help them with their loss or their situation of being rejected, unwanted and left without their biological family.

Expressive Tree People

This is a collection of photos of what I called Expressive Tree People, because these trees seem to show their own personality. None of the photos have been change to enhance them. I have place a suggestive saying on the opposite page for entertainment. All of the photos were taken in the northern part of California. The book had 145 pages and over 88 photos.

Flip This Diamond House

You're thinking about purchasing a house in disrepair. You want to remodel it and try to earn some extra money. In Flip This Diamond House, author Majorie B. Patralski offers a useful guide to flipping houses and details some of the bumps and obstacles you may encounter. Using her personal experiences as a flipper, Patralski presents an overview of the process. She gives suggestions on what to look for in a property; poses questions to consider when buying; and provides tips and tricks to help you be successful in the endeavor, from contractors to estimates. Patralski discusses the key elements to leverage spending and realize a greater profit through real-life data and examples. With more than fifty color photos included, Flip This Diamond House looks at the ins and outs of home flipping, giving advice, helpful tips, and recommendations. Patralski demonstrates how a house can become that diamond in the rough, sparkling and shining.

And Now What?: Panning Guide and Survivors Checklist What to do Before - Upon - and After the Death of a Parent, Spouse, or Loved One

There is an elephant in the room. It is the subject no one wants to talk about, yet it may be the most important conversation you have with your loved ones.Our journey through life is varied and unpredictable. Our life experiences are unique to each of us, yet we each face the same end. We do not choose the how, where, or when of our final curtain call. Young or old, healthy or ill, accident or natural causes, when it is our time it is our time."And Now What?" Planning Guide and Survivors Checklist, What to do Before - Upon - and After the Death of a Parent, Spouse, or Loved One, is in fact,a LIFE planner; designed to empower you and give you the peace of mind to enjoy your life, worry less, and fearlessly pursue the happiness you deserve. It is designed to be a stand-alone or companion workbook, with the book, “Shit Happens” Creating Your Plan to Survive and Thrive When Faced With Life’s Personal and Natural Disasters.Follow the templates, fill in the blanks, and gather your important documents in your ICE (In Case of Emergency) file. Share your plans with your loved ones, so that they know what to do and where to find important information. Pass a copy of this book on to your parents, siblings, and children. They will thank you for it.

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