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Free Merchant Services Analysis

We offer a free analysis of your credit card statement to see if we can help you reduce your cost of accepting credit cards WITHOUT SWITCHING PROCESSORS. We are NOT a process but a specialized auditing firm. We help you save money that would otherwise be lost and we work solely on a contingency basis; so our service is free for you. We also continue to monitor your statements to ensure any savings we find are maintained.

Transcription Services

Are you weighed down with files that need to be transcribed? Are you struggling to meet deadlines? Tons of paperwork and important information is generated daily in business meetings, seminars, interviews, conferences, and other events. To record proper notes for all these events is not an easy task for anyone. Are you tired of taking attention away from your primary business responsibilities to handle transcripts? That’s where I come in! Happy Transcripts provides quality, low-cost transcription services for any audio, video, or scanned document. Now, you can save time and energy to devote to your business. Allow me to handle the paperwork! My transcripts are well-groomed for clarity and accuracy without errors that could mislead readers in the future. Check out my packages and choose one that’s right for you. Feel free to contact me with a special request. I am flexible and will work with you to guarantee satisfaction. Do you have a handwritten book ready to be typed? Is your novel a hot mess? Pages piled up everywhere? Notes scribbled throughout? There’s only so much time in a day. Don’t waste your time typing out a book you’ve already written when you can be writing your next bestseller! Writing your book is an exciting, thrilling opportunity. Why deal with the aggravation of transcribing? Sit back, relax and allow me to do the typing! Focus all your attention on your writing. Happy Transcripts offers professional transcription services. I will transcribe your written book into a typed formatted book of exceptional quality. Choose your package today! Basic: Chapter (around 20 pages) –> $40 Standard: Short Story, Short E-Book (around 100 pages) –> $150 Premium: Entire Book (around 300 pages) –> $300 Packages are based on the length of your book. Books longer than 300 pages? Not a problem! Contact me for a custom offer. I am flexible and will work with you to guarantee satisfaction. I can’t wait to turn your dream into reality! * Handwritten Scanned Documents * Scanned Typed Documents * Books * E-Books * Any Genre * Any Length Delivered: ~ Accurately ~ On Time ~ Properly Punctuated ~ Grammatically Correct ~ Proper Spelling Contact me to make your dreams come to life.

Kim Meier

We help merchants/businesses save money from the unregulated credit card industry without having to switch processors. We save you money or you pay nothing.

Package Design

Custom package design from consultation to production of packaging. We design, write content, advise on regulation requirements and create branded packages that compete on the shelf to drive sales.


Branding service that creates the icon that represents your business, product or service. From consult, competitive analysis to designing a logo that amplifies your brand,my team and I create that image that will propel your brand to the top..

Online Marketing Services

Online marketing is the fastest-growing, most effective advertising platform available. Not to mention, it’s incredibly cost-effective and can be customized to fit any budget.

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