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Excellence In Caring: An Assisted Living Guide to Community Development and Hope

"Excellence in Caring" - a rose out of an exposure to hundreds of encounters with owners, operators and managers, residents and families in numerous facilities. At conventions, seminars and gatherings of professionals as well as at counseling sessions with many managers on-site, the Excellence in Caring team noted the emphasis on advancing the interests of those who manage, with surprisingly little focus on those who are served. It seemed as if the actual handling of the complex issues raised daily by senior residents was something that everyone knew how to do, as if the knowledge were infused, and excellence in caring was a given. This book will assist all residents, family members, administrators, nurses, and health care workers dealing with the assisted living community. The reader will gain great insight into the normal changes in the aging process. Myths of aging will be dispelled. Examples of Managed risk plans, and behavioral management plans are offered with explicit discussion on depression, and dealing with the total person - Body, Mind and Spirit. A wealth of knowledge about elder care issues that allows the resident to age in place in a compensating environment. No other book like it on the market today!

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