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I was Somebody's Trash Now I'm God's Treasure: The Struggles and Victories of Marla D. Cline-Buckner-Mason-Thomas-Loggins-Facey version 2

This is an inspiring story of the good, bad and the ugly, the life of Marla is one of love, losses, disappointments, betrayal, and triumph over challenges all throughout her life. My stories in this book don't just tell of abuse or neglect, but also of the difficulties that I face in the Missouri State Division of Child Welfare and foster care systems, how I was affected when my family did not bond with me as a small child, how my parents struggled to bond with me as a baby and I was born with a parent with alcohol and or drug addictions, and also the lack of ability to support me and my siblings as needed. But even though we as children experienced incredibly difficult times, these stories offer hope and inspiration that someone does care, and with the right support my and through my faith and trust in God my life was turned around.

The BitterSweet of a Woman

Inspired by different relationships and various journal entries in hopes to find my way. There are four stages in life and in relationships; love, the break, bitter, and reflection. This book is a letter written poetically to God to express feelings and release some secrets that was cast away in journals throughout the years of struggle.

Our River of Life

This book is about a spiritual journey in our lives, a symbol of a river, that is so much a part of how we measure the ego and the conscience of who we are. The thoughts expressed within could easily be tied to the ego & the conscience, where the two work in tandem with an adversary or a creator, respectively. Our River of Life is carefully put together to show the reality between the consciousness and the ego, introduced symbolically as birds, one being King Fisher the other Crow Caw, respectively. The two dichotomies represent how we can overreach our compassionate creative driven nature, to believe in the prideful ways we want to approach or take on in life. Our River of Life is a beautiful journey to wholeness and approaching the best way we can know a compassionate consciousness while still not thwarting our boundaries and limitations. Our River of Life is a divinely inspired spiritual journey down a river. We are accompanied by a good creator/inner guide who speaks to our conscience and a bad adversary/inner critic who entices us to enjoy our egos. This book is really written for compassionate givers whom the world has deemed “people-pleasers.” This book is for you if you have difficulty saying “no” to those you care about. If this describes you, there are some things you must discover inside of yourself so that you do not compromise or sideline your integrity. Boundaries must be established in your life to decrease the sabotage of your inherent, compassionate, and giving nature to others.

Expressive Tree People

This is a collection of photos of what I called Expressive Tree People, because these trees seem to show their own personality. None of the photos have been change to enhance them. I have place a suggestive saying on the opposite page for entertainment. All of the photos were taken in the northern part of California. The book had 145 pages and over 88 photos.

Crazy DeJa Vu

Rita is a single waitress at The Rooster Café on the outskirts of Queens New York. Nell is her best friend and they both love mysteries, love exploring and talking about anything anyone else would consider weird or strange. Rita soon finds herself the center of the largest and strangest happenings ever. Come along and see if you can figure out what happens next. There are a few pictures and a new medical idea and intriguing thoughts. This book started with the medical idea I had in 1996 then developed into a story 2010 but the details didn’t develop until 2019. This book is 6” x 9” and is 252 pages

Elaytay's Adventures in Space and Time part 1

Elaytay is a 16 year old Space Cadet from Cyterrious. She and he classmates are sent out on their first mission to explore and help with problems on other planets. Travel with her as she meets extraordinary but strange peoples and finds bizarre animals. This book part one of three and measures 6” x 9” and has 162 pages

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