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VENOMOUS MINDS 2: Poison Running Free

Following your heart can sometimes be complicated especially when the others around you have no dreams. Where will that path lead Nishi now that she has dropped out of college to run the business of a very close family member?

VENOMOUS MINDS Pt. 1: The First Bite is the Deepest

Venomous Minds Part I: The First bite is the Deepest, is about a black teenage girl, an only child, raised in Brooklyn, New York by her mother, aunt and grandmother without the proper guidance needed throughout her early years and that crucial time called puberty...

Divine Purpose


Divine Purpose was written to inspire and encourage others to continue to trust God even when your situation shows otherwise.

Tears of Onions: The Gift of Finding Refuge in Our Own Lives

There was a season in my life when I lost everything. Amid that period, I lost all hope. As time passed, the need to heal from my own excruciating experience would give me the courage to walk back down memory lane to a place where a group of refugee women would come together to create a sanctuary in which we could share our hopes, fears, and memories. I kept these women in my heart for years, and never forgot how we found a place to gather and bond together as we prepared favorite meals from our different homelands. In some aspect, as human beings, we are all refugees looking for a safe haven in the new places we hope to call home. Tears of Onions is about life, love, struggles, fighting to survive, injustice, unfairness, and how we all share a common ground when it comes to our human nature. In the end, love and simple human compassion can save us all.

Never Give Up

This is the true story of 12 year old Billy Spahn, a happy, athletic, energetic kid from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Going up to his family’s cottage was always the highlight of his summer. On July 3, 1975, Billy dove into the lake and broke his neck. His family was told he was a quadriplegic and he should be put in a nursing home. His family never accepted that prognosis and they never told Billy that he wouldn’t walk again. This is the story of one child’s strength and determination to retrain his body and get his life back. Bill Spahn became a successful businessman, in addition to having his own fishing show. He retired at the age of 45, a multi-millionaire. This book is a true testament to what can be accomplished with courage, faith, hope and love – and, most importantly, when you… Never Give Up!

What Made Me Love My Profession

My passion and dedication for nursing are the reasons that made me love my profession and inspired me to write a book. With so many years working in this kind of profession, I have realized it and always feel it deep in my heart that anytime I take care of an individual, I get some sort of emotional connection. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction and happiness as a person--a feeling that I am capable of performing and giving my best ability and to the fullest in providing an excellent care to anyone. With this growing special attachment in me, it makes me stronger and stronger and better able to deal with so many difficult situations in life. No one deserves to die. We all deserve a second chance. I hope to give my readers an inspiration and learning experience by sharing with them my stories and memories of my many years of experiences as a member of the health profession.

Landing an Executive Position

Today's executive job market is fiercely competitive, and executives must market their value to organizations using a diverse range of channels and tactics. In this book, executive career expert Beverly Harvey gives you a simple, proven, step-by-step approach to: Recognize why the job search strategy you used five years ago doesn't work in today's market Create a job search strategy based on your unique aspirations Identify your personal brand and value proposition Launch an effective job search campaign Understand and pursuing the hidden job market Design a strategy to leverage your network Build an online presence that attracts the right recruiters and decision makers Prepare responses to tough interview questions Plan for persuasive compensation negotiations Get off to a roaring start in your new position

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