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Landing an Executive Position

Today's executive job market is fiercely competitive, and executives must market their value to organizations using a diverse range of channels and tactics. In this book, executive career expert Beverly Harvey gives you a simple, proven, step-by-step approach to: Recognize why the job search strategy you used five years ago doesn't work in today's market Create a job search strategy based on your unique aspirations Identify your personal brand and value proposition Launch an effective job search campaign Understand and pursuing the hidden job market Design a strategy to leverage your network Build an online presence that attracts the right recruiters and decision makers Prepare responses to tough interview questions Plan for persuasive compensation negotiations Get off to a roaring start in your new position

From the Barre to the Boardroom: Choreographing Business Success Through Authentic Relationships


From the Barre to the Boardroom is your guide to creating a great business through the strength of your relationships. This book isn't about making a good impression with the "right" people. It's about harnessing the magic of those unplanned encounters at your local coffee shop, or discovering that your favorite former colleague is now your perfect business resource.And knowing how to be a great resource for them. From the Barre to the Boardroom will lead you through my early years as a dancer, then a printer in New York City, and now coaching and consulting successful female leaders all over the country. I will show you how every turn in my business has been enhanced by the relationships I've created. By the end of this book,you will know how to build the powerful connections that will grow your business,your career, and your leadership skills.

Being an Authorpreneur: How to Succeed in the Book Business

Written by International Award-Winning Author, Toneal M. Jackson, this book is designed to provide tips to help authors succeed in the literary industry. This guide includes information on writing the book; getting it published (which incorporates a breakdown of traditional vs. self-publishing processes); marketing; promotion; sales; even knowing your rights! Every entrepreneur can benefit from this book. If you want to learn how to succeed from someone who has already done it, and save yourself a lot of money and frustration, you will definitely want to buy this book!

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