Category: Fiction

She Never Uttered a Word

She knew it instinctively. She could feel it. It was a feeling that occupied her entire being, and it hurt. It was obvious that he didn't love her anymore. A thousand questions raced through her mind. When did he stop? Why? Will he love me again? Can it be worked out? She then asked herself the ultimate question, was there another woman? The thought jolted her. Jennifer Ashby wanted her marriage to work, but it was time for her to take off the blinders and truly see her husband, Kevin, for what he was: no good. Upon learning that that their six-year marriage meant nothing more to him than her death, Jen needed a beacon to guide her out of her dark and tenebrous situation. Who better to lead her than Audrey-her sister, her protector, and her friend? Struggling to make sense out of what is happening in her marriage, she realizes that her very life hinges on the balance of Kevin's infidelity and the undeniable truth that money can give new meaning to the words 'till death do us part.

Crazy DeJa Vu

Rita is a single waitress at The Rooster Café on the outskirts of Queens New York. Nell is her best friend and they both love mysteries, love exploring and talking about anything anyone else would consider weird or strange. Rita soon finds herself the center of the largest and strangest happenings ever. Come along and see if you can figure out what happens next. There are a few pictures and a new medical idea and intriguing thoughts. This book started with the medical idea I had in 1996 then developed into a story 2010 but the details didn’t develop until 2019. This book is 6” x 9” and is 252 pages

VM5: Nothing But The Truth

A woman’s body is like a precious gem. It is of great value and shines differently from every angle, like valuable stones that are to be cherished, for they represent purity. Therefore, Nishi should have remained pure until some young man proved he was her soul mate. From the beginning, Nishi shimmered but due to the lack of a true sense of self-worth, vulnerability was inevitable. By the time she reached puberty, she should have known her worth, but her family didn’t see the need for such vital discussions. Throughout her life, she’d been in murky waters, noticing serpentine like motions, and had even been bitten a few times. Which is why, as an adult, you’d think she would’ve run like hell to avoid another bite...

VM4: A Mother's Betrayal

In my eyes, my mother set me up from the very beginning and then in every way possible, allowing the system to take hold of my life. Teens, if no else, need that frequent guidance in order to project a radiant future...

VENOMOUS MINDS 2: Poison Running Free

Following your heart can sometimes be complicated especially when the others around you have no dreams. Where will that path lead Nishi now that she has dropped out of college to run the business of a very close family member?

VENOMOUS MINDS Pt. 1: The First Bite is the Deepest

Venomous Minds Part I: The First bite is the Deepest, is about a black teenage girl, an only child, raised in Brooklyn, New York by her mother, aunt and grandmother without the proper guidance needed throughout her early years and that crucial time called puberty...

Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating Circumstances is an experimental book. Written in the same format as Jean Toomer, "Cane", Extenuating Circumstances combines short fiction pieces with poetry. However, the stories range in genre from contemporary and science fiction to futuristic. The stories and poems are written to reflect how the extenuating circumstances we encounter mark us and change us in ways that are unanticipated and, often, terrifying. They alter our values and lives, sometimes, in ways which empower us. Although, often, the changes force us onto a path we may not otherwise have chosen to pursue. The concept for Extenuating Circumstance was conceived with the idea that, while readers want a central theme to the stories they read, not all of the stories need follow the same genre.

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