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Women Put Yourselves First and Be Happier

This is an inspirational book for women and girls, but anyone is welcome to read it. I know that by teaching women and girls to put themselves first and take care of themselves first, then you are teaching everyone to do the same, as women give birth and are the natural nurturers and teachers anyway.

Assassination Avoided Destiny Defined

Y. Rená Cooper shares her inspiring story of perseverance. While many would be taken down by the abuse and hardship she endured, Rená found a silver lining and shares her advice on how to survive and thrive in spite of her experience. Learn the warning signs and how you too can avoid assassination and define your destiny.

The Diffusion Process Devotional Journal


This book is inspired by God, It was birthed from a place of becoming and is designed to encourage you to practice the Proverbs 31 characteristics "Ruby Traits" to becoming the woman you were created to be.

Are You in the Will?

About the Author Cynthia Saarie is the owner of Forevermore. She is the wife of Arthur (Skip) Saarie and they reside in Phoenix, NY. They have a son, Neal and his wife, Holly, that live nearby. Cynthia has sung for over 35 years for any Verteran's organization that has asked, for many civic functions, weddings, funerals, the Pennellville, NY Christmas Contata, the Phoenix Community Band and of course, for her church, the First United Methodist Church of Phoenix. She is a Voice Over Artist recording commercials and narrative commissions, and sings jingles for commercials as well as recording the audio book for this book. Cynthia is a certified Lay Servant Speaker for the United Methodist Church and a member of the National Association of Professional Women. Cynthia would love to come sing or speak for your organization or special occasion. You can reach her through her web site, Logo design by artist, Neal W. Saarie.

The Dialogue Of Authenticity: Mining "Your" Own Gold

WE ALL HAVE IT. UNFORTUNATELY WE DON’T USE IT. THOSE WHO USE IT EXPERIENCE MASSIVE SUCCESS. WHAT IS IT? AN AUTHENTIC DIALOGUE. It has been said, that each person is born in a world for a unique purpose. Sadly to say many also die and leave this planet without realizing what their purpose was. What has prevented them from this amazing accomplishment? The fact that they spend their entire LIFE copying others and doing what others were doing. Regardless of your life’s purpose, career or business those who are BOLD enough to embrace their Authenticity unapologetically are those who experience the greatest success. Whether you are a housewife, single parent, corporate executive, entrepreneur, student, head of state, community leader or business owner, Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson explains how you can make your dreams and hopes of living a reality with great success Through The Dialogue of Authenticity, Mining “Your Own” Gold, you will.

The Chosen One

This is a non-fiction book about Brittany Carson's life experiences. The Chosen One is a great book to read and learn from. In this book she explains most of her experiences of the ups and downs she has came across in her life. When going through the downs and darkness of life she still managed to get through to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many things made an attempt to break her down, but she would not let them keep her down for long. While being thrown different kind of obstacles that life brought her she became lost and in reoccurring pain. That hurt and pain had built up over the years from what she had experienced. After having an unexpected experience she changed to become a better person, became awakened to the world around her, and herself. She started to break through the generational issues that were passed down to her from her family not knowing that she would make it through. When changing her mind set to being more determined, optimistic, open minded, positive, and fearless a good impact was brought upon her life. She began to become her true, real, and authentic self. Brittany Carson is living proof that no matter what obstacles life throws your way or what you may go through in life you can get through it. There are times in life where everyone will face challenges. You have to believe and be determined that you can make it through the tough times. On the other side of those tough times brings you more strength, peace, happiness, and knowledge.

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