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Edith Hillinger Watercolors

I paint large watercolors of very small fragments of nature- often a single petal or leaf. I paint this tiny fragment of nature large, so that others can see what I see. A fragment taken out of context, the viewer experiences the petal removed from the flower, as an abstraction. By concentrating on what I see and reducing it to its minimal expression, I capture the essence of the moment, the subject, and my experience in viewing the subject.

Edith Hillinger Collage

These collages are infused with the idea of the nomadic life. This was the pattern of my early life starting out in Germany, growing up in Turkey and then coming to the United States. The work brings together all I have gathered from these very different cultures. Added to that is my long time interest in archetypal patterns , such as the zigzag pattern that have been used as a motif from the time of the Hittites to the present day. Another influence is the meandering patterns found in the work of some Aborigine and African Art. These ancient patterns, geometric abstractions, are firmly embedded in the human mind.

Rose Floral Triptych Art/ Eagle in Flight Wall Art/ Pillows/ Candle


The Forgiven. Rose Floral Triptych Art/ Eagle in Flight Wall Art Have you ever wandered if you have been truly forgiven for what you have done? Get this Triptych Art for someone who needs to know they are Forgiven. Beautifully created with rose background "The Forgiven” has matching pillows and candle to compliment the artwork. Enjoy God loves you ... (For more beautiful hand written unique created patterns and texture backgrounds check out hungry jpeg. Hand drawn art). The background of this Triptych art is from hungry jpeg, the poetry is written by me, the creation of the artwork is done by me. Also see the "Eagle in Flight" Wall Art I created. Poetry by me.

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