I've Never Loved Him More

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I've Never Loved Him More

$16.95 Posted By: Candace F. (Candy) Abbott

I've Never Loved Him More is one wife’s story of what it means to live out her vows, “in sickness and in health.” As her husband’s caregiver in his struggle with Alzheimer’s, this story takes the reader through discovery, acceptance, adjustment, and battle against the ravages of what is often seen as a soul-crushing disease. Armed with faith, humor, and a history of spiritual victories, Candy demonstrates how she is loving her way through the mind-maze that would steal her husband of four decades. Displaying peace under pressure, she never pretends to have the answers as she navigates unfamiliar waters while also dealing with her own health issues, financial uncertainty, and more. She finds strength in her faith, family, friends, and the kindness of strangers. She engages Scripture, prayer, and spiritual support to combat this disease, weapons which can inspire others who are fighting chronic illnesses. Far from depressing, this is a worthwhile, helpful read for anyone struggling with anything.

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From the first "subtle changes" in Drew's memory which led husband and wife into the deepening journey of Alzheimer's, author Candy Abbott has dared to share an intimate view of this horrible disease. What makes their story, as presented by Mrs. Abbott, unique for me is not the open and honest sharing of details and emotions. Yes, the transparency of the disease's effect on their 40+ year marriage is a strong feature of this book. However, as a pastor and as the son of a wonderful mother who walked a similar road, I have known Alzheimer's and dementia from many perspectives. What therefore makes this book unique for me and I believe, particularly insightful for all, is the sense of hope and possibility found within its pages. While not glossing over the anger, frustration, fears and a "what if we had done this, not that" question presented early in the book, Drew's wife discovers the light which God always holds out to us within our darkest moments. Such discovery is no easy thing even for a person of deep faith. Candy's attentive sharing and obvious writing skills assure that readers too, will be blessed by their own discoveries as they enter this story of "love in the moment." -- Rev. Michael Williams, Georgetown Presbyterian Church

Perhaps one of the most difficult and heartbreaking issues I faced in more than twenty-five years in the United Methodist pastorate is the descent brought on by Alzheimer’s. It is evil and insidious, totally robbing its victims of their identity. What a helpless feeling the affected, their families, and loved ones experience as they watch this scourge decimate mental awareness, memory, and social skills. “Who is this person?” is a question asked over and over. What’s worse is when the loved one looks at his or her wife, husband, or children and asks repeatedly, “Who are you?” There are no cures, as yet, and only minimal medications can delay or lessen symptoms. But, take heart, folks. There is a new and encouraging resource in (my friend) Candy Abbott’s new book, I’ve Never Loved Him More. Demonstrating an unwavering reliance on her faith and deep relationship with God, this book is an intimate portrait of the journey she and her beloved husband, Drew, are taking through their encounter with his disease. It is a missal of love written deeply from the heart and by the Spirit of God. Candy openly shares how her Lord directs them through the darkness and despair of Alzheimer’s into pockets of Light. See what they have faced, along with what has worked and what has not. This book is such a gift and so refreshing. I truly believe it has the power to become a new standard reference for the Alzheimer’s community. —Rev. Carol E. Svecz, Pastor/Elder, United Methodist Church 

Candy Abbott writes not only from her experience and her heart but from her connection with God. What ends up on the page is amazing in its honesty, astonishing in its wisdom, and authentic in its wit—even in the midst of tears. If you love someone suffering from dementia, sit down with this book. You will stand up at the end, ready to apply Candy’s soul knowledge to your own journey. I know I am. —Nancy Rue, Best-selling fiction author

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