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Ms. Whitney L. Miller


About Me

With a background of over 10 years of experience in educating, mentoring, and leading, I founded my coaching business- Transcend Health & Wellness. My passion is working with individuals to empower their health and life through running. With over 25+ years of running and athletic experience, I bring the expertise of educated training to my clients. In my personal running experience, I spent years running to get away from problems, negative experiences, unfulfilling jobs, health issues, and my negative mindset. I spent a great deal of my training time running from the unhappiness in my life. I used it to process and work things out, but ultimately, I still felt stuck just like my clients. I work with clients on transformation of their negative thoughts, mindset, and habits so that they can heal their relationship with themselves and with their running. I empower my clients to uncover that they don't have to always have to run to manage the pain and discontent in their lives and I lead client to be powerful and present in their lives. As clients transform their relationship with themselves and their running, other areas of their lives begin to transform as well. I coach runners from 5k-Ultra Marathon distances. Through their transformation and training, they are empowered to uncover the best and most complete version of themselves. It is my honor to do this work and I strive for greatness in all my client relationships.

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