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Ms. Vicki Shacklock


About Me

I am a Legal Secretary with a Paralegal degree. Getting tired of dealing with employers who do not appreciate old school women who work hard and go the extra mile. I learned how to crochet at 9 years old. Have been doing it ever since. I moved to Houston, Texas 11 years ago to help take care of my mother who had Alzheimer's disease. The weather is very hot and humid here so to compensate and deal with it, I made some embellished tops for myself seven years ago. I had such compliments on them from women who said I should sell them. My tops are still lasting and going strong. So this year I decided to start a business with my craft creating all the patterns myself. They are all individually created so each one is a little bit different from all the others. And I am determined to make it grow so that I can be like the women entrepreneurs who have accomplished their goal and can show others that it can be done.

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