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Ms. Vhalarrie Y. Sandling


About Me

I am a pastor and the owner of Establishing Order Christian Ministries.  I am a counselor providing cognitive behavior therapy, pastoral counseling, couples and family  counseling, mental health services, substance abuse counseling, anger management and domestic violence  education to the surrounding community. I am Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee.  I belong to the A.A.C.A.  As an experienced pastor, I have worked with numerous nonprofits and start-up business. I am experienced at team building and department managing.  I am a service oriented professional with strong community ties. I foster housing programs for the less fortunate and under privilege and mentor single parents and provide a plethora of resources   In my spare time, I enjoy sewing, crocheting, volunteering, gathering food and clothing for the homeless, and spending time with my 21 grandchildren and family.

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