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Ms. Vanessa Whitney

(Marketing/Advertising Specialist)

About Me

Vanessa is currently the founder and driving force behind Sports Fan Nation (SFN), a SaaS enterprise focused on revolutionizing the live event / fan engagement experience. Vanessa's personal and professional experience particularly in the sports industry has given her a keen insight into the needs of both the fan and the organizations. SFN is a digital sponsorship asset with R.O.I. powered by the fans. Known as a game changer, and an inceptionist, Vanessa is perhaps one of the best engagement marketers in the arena today. Companies charged her with strategic counsel and she defines her sphere as a combination of engagement marketing with public and community relations accounted for. Among her most prestigious accomplishments were product placement partnerships with motion picture studios, prop masters and stylists resulting in tripling the volume of global sales and has been honored with the Industry Events of the Year Award given by Accessories Magazine, 2003. As an entrepreneur of 10 years she launched VMedia LLC to create and execute “Events with Purpose”. Her first event The North Atlantic Volleyball Showcase is a combine created to take on the mission of providing high school volleyball players with the opportunity to obtain scholarships by exhibiting their skills in front of college coaches - it has facilitated $32.5 million scholarships dollars to date. Vanessa also acts as a community volunteer as the AAU volleyball chairwoman for the NY Metro Region of the US. She is the mother of three children, who all excelled athletically to play collegiate sports, one of whom has won 2 NCAA Championships, is a US National Team athlete and currently playing volleyball professionally overseas.

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