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Hello, my name is Teresa Villa. I am a disabled Paralegal & Mobile Notary of Public &Signing Agent from Colorado I was a sole proprietor 100%business owner of THRE3MS LLC Mobile signing agent that started in June of 2019. I had to put my business aside during the healing Process that attacks my immune system and joints and cartilage of my bones, the condition of Rheumatoid Arthritis has had a very severe affect on my bones and joints in my feet which has caused me to go under serious surgery that has limited my ability to walk as of today I am still recovering from the surgery. I am non weight bearing on my left-foot. The Illness has also brought on the diagnosis of Bipolar depression disorder that affects me on a daily basis. For the condition I suffer from I had to move in with my children to avoid any falls since I am at risk for falls I must be monitored for any emergencies. 

I am from Colorado I was born Pueblo CO and raised in Colorado Springs Colorado.

I moved to Gaffney, Cherokee County South Carolina with my Husband in 2020 and we live with are daughters Amanda and AnDrea. Their families have been in GAFFNEY since 2017.

Since my disability I have put my self through a paralegal training from Pueblo corporate community college from the state of Colorado for Administrative Law and I have also paid and put myself through the certification paralegal voucher program from Spartanburg Community Colleges and I also obtained a certification for Notary of Public with the state of South Carolina.

If I was to receive funding i would start a remote virtual an Ai paralegal service that would be responsible for assisting paralegals with case preparation and research for Disability Services for clients that are eligible of SSDI or SSI benefits. This can include things like locating documents for cases, compiling data from multiple sources, and ensuring that all of the case’s information is organized and easily accessible for the attorney and client that is fighting for their case with the Social Security Administration.

Research legal issues and supporting law by using online and offline resources.

Summarize interrogatories, testimonies, and depositions.

Compile and analyze data.

Draft documents including letters, complaints, pleadings, and briefs

Serves as communication liaison between the legal unit and respondents, attorneys, courts, and clients. Grant will help fund with Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, and Outlook

Working knowledge of legal terminology and legal writing. Funding would be used to buy the proper equipment to provide the services that are agreed upon. Purchase business insurance and the state filings fees and licensing fees and other expenses.

The strong organizational, time management, and communication skills that I have learned from my training will include professional legal research tools such as LexisNexis. The grant would also provide the monies to pay for office expenses and equipment, Bar association fees, document filing fees and other fees associated with the research for an attorney. 

To set a home based business and business website and networking. 

Provide AI technology to provide services to self help documenting to all clients in need of professional notarizations, for witnessing the identity of the individual to fight against identity theft or fraud. Provide witnessing of clients in need of notarizing documents for home loans and financial assistance or power of attorney for will and trust or any notarizing services. I am needing assistance for my association fees or fees that require my education for the local and any legal bar associations. To purchase a vehicle and hire a licensed driver to deliver documents to all state and county courts within my state. To help low income clients with the proper documentation of application for social security benefits or retirement or disability insurance. To be able to be a community service for the city that I reside in for any legal or witnessing needs or issues needed for residents of the state I reside in.

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