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Ms. Tashalee Cruz

(Online Business Manager, Social Media Manager, Virtual Assistant, Proofreader)

About Me

Velia’s is run by Tashalee Cruz, The Culinary genius behind Tashalee’s Tasty Treats and Tashalee’s Tasty Travels. She decided to take all her knowledge of running a business and started Velia’s. Tashalee studied at Lehman College where she met the educational requirements and obtained a Bachelor’s in Sociology. She learned how to analyze society and its behaviors on a bigger scale. She then attended Monroe College where she obtained an Associate’s Degree in Baking & Pastry Arts. Here, she not only learned how to become a Pastry Chef, but she took several business classes that would later help her successfully run a business. Shortly after Tashalee’s Tasty Treats was shut down, it was time to try a new venture. Only this time, Tashalee just wanted to be the person enjoying the food and letting people know which places were the best ones to try out. Thus Tashalee’s Tasty Travels was born in 2017. It started as an Instagram page dedicated to food only became a brief YouTube channel to eventually an eBook (finally coming soon). Tashalee’s Tasty Travels became a passion project. With over 1000 followers on Instagram, has no chance of slowing down at all. Still wanting to do more with her talent and time, Tashalee decided to put all of her experience and education to create an online business that can help other business owners like herself work smarter and not harder. Having worked in the corporate world as an Executive Assistant and Virtual Office Manager for more than 11 years, she gained skills in scheduling, bookkeeping, coordinating meetings, calendar/email management, digital marketing, social media management, and web maintenance. The goal is to support businesses in various stages and industries. Currently, Velia’s supports Startups, Mid Level/Mid Size, Corporations, Real Estate, Non-Profits, and Educational organizations. Always thinking about what’s best for the companies she works with and how she can help them drive their business forward to reach and even exceed their goals. She not only helps other business owners find solutions that fit their business but motivates them to push past anything that may be holding them back from finding true success. Tashalee Cruz is a force of nature and a well-respected professional. She is an expert in her craft and continues to grow with her companies.

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