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Ms. Tarryn Nicole Vocaturo

(Fitness Instructor)

About Me

Tarryn Nicole Vocaturo, a.k.a. Iron T, as she is known in the fitness industry, is a former celebrity personal trainer who has worked with bodies from Bravos “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” VH1’s “Mob Wives,” Style channels “Jerseylicious,” “Million Dollar Shopper,” History channels “Swamp People,” and many more. Aside from her star-studded clientele, Tarryn has been helping transform bodies around the globe for almost 20 years with her personal methods for breaking pesky plateaus and bringing client’s bodies to a new level without spending hours in the gym and using harsh dieting. She is a WITS-CPT, Certified Personal Trainer, NASM-CNC, Certified Nutrition Coach. Recently, Tarryn retired from professional women’s powerlifting. She holds six first place wins and three New Jersey state records. She added the gratifying title of author to her resume this past year with her first book publication, “Perfectly Imperfect.” Tarryn’s book takes readers through her 20 year stint with eating disorders including bulimia, binge eating, orthorexia, and obsessive exercise. With these types of disorders on the rise today, she teaches readers how these disorders start, escalate, and can be defeated. Tarryn clears up many misconceptions on these disorders and touches on some messy yet common life topics that many may be able to relate to including teenage bullying, broken families, and suicide. She also dives deep into the dangers of restrictive dieting, yo-yo diet patterns, and emotional eating. Tarryn breaks ground on the hidden world of the bodybuilding industry where she took a few years run and discovered some unsettling ways of winning. Now fully recovered and using her continued education in these disorders, she has the ability to help others who may be experiencing similar struggles with disordered eating patterns. Tarryn teaches clients how to eat for a healthy body and a healthy mindset to match. Iron T Fitness is available for online personal training, nutritional planning, and disordered eating coaching around the world. Tarryn also offers live training in her gym in New Jersey.

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