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Ms. Sundra Michele Bauman


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From 1998 to 2000, Michele started her first daycare with 15 children, 0 months to 12 years old, working locally out of her home calling it Shellie’s Rise and Shine Daycare. In 2000 to 2009, she opened her second daycare in Carver. In October 2004, Michele opened a daycare on 15th Avenue and Buckeye which was the first Shellie’s Early Start After-School Learning Center 1 which was dedicated to children ages 2-12. In 2006, she opened another daycare on 17th Street and Broadway and changed the name to Shellie’s Early Start Learning Center 2. In 2012, she opened her third learning center on Baseline and in 2015, opened her 4th learning center on Central. On April 2, 2016, she opened Shellie’s Early Start Learning Center 5 at 1923 East Broadway. All of the centers are located in the South Phoenix area and are dedicated to children ages infant to 12 years old.

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