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Ms. Sue Phillips

(Business Owner)

About Me

Sue established her company Scenterprises Ltd as a global marketing consulting company and, as a fragrance expert, created and developed TIFFANY perfume for Tiffany & Company, Society by Burberry, Burberry for Men, and many other well-known fragrances. Sue began her career at Elizabeth Arden in the areas of Training, Product Development & Marketing, and was then recruited by Lancome in Marketing and after 4 years was lured by Tiffany & Company to develop and launch the first Tiffany perfume. Sue honed her skills in fragrance, becoming a foremost fragrance expert. After the economic collapse in 2008, Sue 'repositioned' her company and initiated custom fragrances, and she was at the forefront of creating custom fragrances for men, women, corporations, groups, and presenting corporate, teambuilding and bridal events thereby creating memorable fragrance 'experiences' for individuals and corporations. Sue's mission is to take fragrance out of the bottle, and to create magical fragrance 'experiences' for clients ....drop by drop!  In addition, Sue is a motivational speaker and her first book, "The Power of Perfume" is being launched in February 2021.

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