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Ms. Soruba "Rani" Kuusto


About Me

I am the owner of (under construction), a new company providing nurse consulting services. I am a recently retired nurse consultant from State of California, Dept. of Corrections. I am a skilled negotiator who handled complex issues from California Governor’s office as Chief Nurse Executive. I am a passionate volunteer and holds the following positions currently: Co-Chairperson for the Health and Wellness Council GOPIO International, Chairperson in GOPIO-LA, local chapter, Vice-president of the Lion’s club at the Fullerton host club and volunteer for SAHARA organization. I also worked for habitat for humanity in Mexico, volunteered in India (Chennai) during tsunami, worked with peace core volunteers in Middle East and England. I help with the homeless people in my community- cooking breakfast and serving breakfast, distributing, clothes and shoes/socks for them on weekends. As a nurse educator, I volunteer my time in educating on subjects like diabetes, heart disease, domestic violence, bullying, etc. to the community, schools and in prisons.

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