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Ms. Renée Greenstein

(Fashion Designer)

About Me

Renowned global fashion designer, Renée Greenstein, is the founder of Women with Control® and ATTITUDES by Renée®, two of the best-selling fashion lines on QVC. Renée has been blazing trails for over 15 years with the shopping channel as one of its first minority-owned fashion lines. Her fashion and jewelry collections are headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, where she serves as president and lead designer of her company, Controlways. From childhood, Renée developed a passion and a love for people. She ventured to Manhattan to pursue her strong interest in fashion and soon became a fit model, finding her niche in the dresses and sportswear apparel categories. From a brief stint at the Fashion Institute of Technology and working as a fit model, Renée became aware that fashion catered to a very small portion of women. In addition, she discovered her innate ability to communicate to designers and patternmakers how clothes should fit. Renée used these insights to give suggestions on how clothing could be better made to fit all women. These realizations inspired her to create her own size -inclusive clothing lines. She developed a philosophy that she applies to her career and everyday life: no matter what her size or shape, every woman has wonderful and unique qualities that her clothes and accessories should help her express. Her style mantra, “Style is not about size, it’s about attitude” ™️, is one that she shares with every woman she meets. The more women feel free to accept themselves as they are, the more Renée enjoys her career as a fashion designer.

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