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Ms. Rainere Martin


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Blessed with the gift of a beautiful voice and a grandmother who filled her heart with her beautiful songs, Rainere Martin learned at an early age that she could use her voice to lift a soul and bring joy to all who heard her sing. With an early focus on R&B ballads and an appreciation for the art and craft of the late Donna Summer, Rainere developed and presented a tribute show featuring many of Donna's favorites. She found that audiences equally enjoy her variety of pop, soft rock, and the occasional ‘torch’ song to create the right mood at the right time. Her song list spans six decades with the appropriate stage presence and performance to match the audience and venue. In the last year 11 years, Rainere has traveled the world performing her Donna Summer Tribute to raving reviews. She has shared the stage with several mainstream acts including Evelyn Champagne King, Tavares, The Stylistics, France Joli, and many more. To the delight of audiences, Rainere recorded a version of Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff” that is featured on The Hot Stuff Wicked Wheel slot machines in casinos nationwide. With music in her blood and songs her in her heart, Rainere continues to seek out audiences of all ages who enjoy melodies from different eras and appreciate the pioneers and contemporaries who brought them to us. While her song list is ever-evolving, Rainere’s desire to share her gift with others remains constant. It is this desire that keeps her singing and instills in others the joy of music.

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