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Ms. Pauline Gibson


About Me

Pauline Gibson is a multi-talented individual who is very passionate about everything she does. She is the founder of Empowered Africa, & Errand Angels. Pauline is also a mompreneur, fashion designer, model, writer, TV Presenter, and certified Anti-Human Trafficking Trainer. She holds a Political Science degree, and another degree in International Relations. Spirituality, parenting, fashion, writing, relationships and lending her voice to the voiceless are foremost in her life.  Pauline considers spirituality to be of the utmost importance, because everything we are become and do ultimately stem from our faith and spirituality. She believes in living authentically, for her living authentically includes being authentic and having authentic relationships. She has a handful of friends, each of them will tell you that she lives and loves authentically. Everyone who knows Pauline can attest to her love for little children, who she calls her “friends.” She believes that every child deserves to be loved, protected, and cherished. Pauline loves parenting her children, she has cultivated a beautiful relationship with her children. Her relationship with her kids is based on deep love, mutual respect, and trust. She considers herself to be one of the very few people who are blessed enough to have real love, relationship, and trust with her children. Her kids know that they are loved unconditionally. She has taught them that unconditional love is not earned, thus, there is nothing they can do to lose it. She teaches her kids to be authentic, centered, whole individuals who know their worth.  Pauline grew up in an abusive home, where domestic violence, verbal and emotional abuse expressed towards mum and herself. Being exposed to gender-based violence, as a young child, made her realize that women were treated differently. She knew she had to do something, be a voice and an ally, for the countless women like her mum. Empowered Africa was her way of doing something because as bad as her mum’s situation was, there were other women whose situations were so dire because they had no career.  Empowered Africa was her way of being a solution and getting others on board. Empowered Africa works towards the alleviation of the hardships that women, orphans and the financially disadvantaged suffer. Empowered Africa is dedicated to finding ways and means of making education and other reliefs available to as many people as possible. Pauline believes that alleviating hardships by giving people education, tertiary skills including self-sustainability is so much better than handouts because it is sustainable. She asserts that what her organization (Empowered Africa) does keeps people from premature death, which may come as a result of gender-based violence, HIV Aids, and poverty. She always emphasizes that she shares stories from her past, only because everything she went through has helped her become who she is today. Additionally, she shares her stories to encourage people who are facing similar situations. She believes that bad experiences are there to make people know better, and do better. Pauline resides in the Bay Area with her family. She often spends her free time hiking, writing, designing clothes, cooking for her children, or dancing with her daughter.

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