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Ms. Patricia L. Blake

(Law Enforcement Officer)

About Me

Lt. Blake is the Officer in Charge of and is heavily involved with the LAPD Community Cavalry Rough Rider (CCRR) volunteer horse and rider unit. This is a unique citywide program that works hand-in-hand with local sworn cadre personnel. The CCRR has proven to be invaluable representatives of "good will" and public outreach, particularly with local children who have embraced the program and look forward to interacting with both the riders and their horses. They conduct search and rescue, park, dam and trail patrol, evacuation and emergency preparedness, high visibility "observe and report" theft prevention in the bigger parking lots, Color Guard presentation and parades. Ms. Blake worked field patrol in the Rampart Area from 1984 through 1993. She was part of a hand-chosen Special Problems Unit in the Wilshire Area in 1993. As a Sergeant, Ms. Blake was assigned the OIC of a Gang CRASH Unit at the Van Nuys Division from 1995 through 1999. She was assigned as a staff researcher for the Chief of Police in 2000 and an Internal Affairs Unit Researcher prior to promotion or Lieutenant in 2005.

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