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Ms. Nicole Winhoffer

(Fitness Instructor)

About Me

Nicole Winhoffer was born in New York City to a Filipino mother and German father. Her family enjoyed a daily athletic ritual. From an early age, Nicole trained as a dancer, diver, swimmer, and enjoyed track and field while her three younger brothers played soccer. Dance was always a passion of Nicole’s. Through the years she excelled in it because she discovered that it was the only athletic workout that allowed her to express herself, release emotions, and keep fit. At the age of 17, she booked her first Broadway show, appearing in “42nd Street,” “Bombay Dreams,” and “Wicked.” Inspired by art, dance, fashion, music, and popular culture, Nicole’s workout method is creative, innovative and unconventional. She seeks to continuously do what’s never been done before, combining her knowledge of the body, dance, sports science, anatomy and Eastern practices that focus on the chakras, acupuncture points and energy work. The NW Method has played a leading role in shaping some of the best bodies in the entertainment industry including Madonna, Mya, Rachel Weisz, Stella McCartney, Andrea Riseborough, Abbie Cornish and Steven Klein. The NW Method is available anytime, anywhere. The app, “NWChurch” can be downloaded digitally and is available online. Nicole also offers private training and group classes. From 2010-2014, Nicole was the creative director of Hard Candy Fitness’ “Addicted to Sweat” program, which she co-created with Madonna to make their workouts accessible to all fitness levels. During this time, Nicole successfully helped to open eight Hard Candy Fitness gyms across the globe, teaching trainers in each location the Addicted to Sweat program. At the end of 2014, Nicole was announced as the new “Global Ambassador of Women's Training for Adidas” by Stella McCartney. Saying “Yes” to the universe and trusting herself has led Nicole to where she is today. She is always pushing the boundaries of fitness and striving to set a new standard of fitness in the 21st Century. Through movement, Nicole wants to inspire others to realize their dreams and lead them to their most balanced, beautiful and best self.

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