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Ms. Megan M. MacLeod

(Travel Agent)

About Me

I'm a single mom of 3, I enjoy playing video games with my boys and teaching my daughter the art of makeup and all things girly.  I love the outdoors but have a hard time getting out because of the many responsibilities of school and a career.  I'm a jack of all trades by nature.  If there is something I have an interest in then I want to know everything about it.  At the moment I'm working toward a contracting license in Michigan.  Building and construction is something that I grew up doing with my dad. Now I want the passion for it to be nurtured professionally.  My inspiration as a woman has come from my grandmother.  She was a foster parent for 45 years.  She was an honorable woman who was awarded the woman of the year in Michigan on more than one occasion.  She had 5 of her own children (my father being the oldest) and adopted 8.  In 2009 when she passed it was noted that she took part in raising 1,582 children over the course of 45 years.  She was my best friend and I strive to be a great woman because of her.  I started the county beauty pageant for girls from 3-20 so I could mentor the next generation of women with the same confidence and aspiration that I learned.  I've since watched most of those girls grow into women and become mothers or college graduates.  They still keep in touch.  They still call me mom and they tell me they will never forget the day that I put the crown on their head and gave them a year of memories and of giving back to the community.

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