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MarthaWash’sunmistakable voice has been capturing the hearts ofmillions of people around the world for decadesThe two time Grammy nominee is responsible for some of thebiggest-selling, most beloved pop and dance hits in music history, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by theirresistible charm of her astonishing répertoire.  Think of her legendary backup work as part ofTwo Tons of Fun for Sylvester’s disco classics, such as “(You Make Me Feel)Mighty Real.”  Remember how youcelebrated the unrestrained joy of “It’s Raining Men,” where she performed asone half of the Weather Girls.  Recallthe sizzling heat of her powerhouse rendition of “Gonna Make You Sweat(Everybody Dance Now),” the highlight of C+C Music Factory’s career and a number one popsmash.  Relive that feeling of raptureyou felt from her performance on the Dreamland album by Black Box, whichfeatured three Top 40 Billboard hits, including “Everybody, Everybody.”  Is it any wonder today that Martha isconsidered the very heart and soul of dance music?

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