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Ms. Lupe Rose

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Lupe Rose is an American entrepreneur and brand developer known for her time in radio, and her consistent impact in empowering women for over a decade. Lupe grew up in Baldwin Village, once known as “The Jungle” of Los Angeles. Her family struggled with poverty, so she used that as motivation for her future; Lupe was forced to work hard for everything she had but she was up for the challenge. After obtaining a degree in business and marketing, she began her career working in radio. At age 21, she sold her first original idea to McDonald’s for $500,000. Eventually, Lupe founded West Swagg Music Group where she helped music artists creatively and landed a distribution deal with Universal. In 2009, she and her business partner founded She Beverage, which catered alcoholic drinks specifically to women. After trademarking “The Queen of Ale” they officially launched in 2014 and branched out to include vitamin water. When another company offered her $500M for her product, Lupe knew she was onto something. She proudly declined the offer and continued to build her brand. This decision would pay off and soon Lupe would have a solid foundation and began to launch other successful entities. Currently Mrs. Rose is the president of She Beverages and CEO of the Women’s Football League Association (WFLA.) She is actively fighting for equality in sports by introducing the first professional women’s football league to pay its players. Female athletes, overall, are severely underpaid in to their male counterparts. By using the NFL’s structure as a guideline, Lupe is collaborating with stadiums and negotiating TV licenses to set a better standard for women’s wages in sports. As CEO of She Beverage, Lupe uses her brand to help fund the WFLA and usher in a new era of female sports. The desire to empower and fight for equality is deeply rooted; while developing products for the Dodgers and working with the WNBA, Lupe heard several stories of women expressing desire to play in the NFL. In order to fulfill this desire and eliminate discrimination in a male dominated industry is why Lupe decided to launch the WFLA. By creating this league, Lupe is able to push female empowerment in sports while also creating new opportunities for women. She Beverage has already acquired many subsidiaries. One of these companies includes Pickupp, a transportation service similar to Uber. They will also be launching She Meets, a new dating app geared towards women. The WFLA has many teams open for investment and sold the New York Stars to Ja Rule. Several colleges have already reached out to Lupe and the league asking about recruitment opportunities for their students. Next year the WFLA will hold exhibition games to introduce the league and its players to the public. The WFLA is expected to officially launch in 2021. Lupe has no intentions to slow down and is consistently looking for ways to empower, impact and create revenue. Whether it is with the WFLA or She Beverages; keeping a look out for what is next is imperative when it comes to this powerhouse.

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