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Ms. Loretta F. Hives-Moody


About Me

Rev. Moody has 40 years experience. She ministers to those in need including individuals in convalescent homes, the elderly, those who are HIV positive and local youth. She also teaches a "Mother's Bible" class and is the Vice President of the women's mission. Rev. Moody retired after 50 years experience in nursing. She served as a L.V.N. and R.N. As her husband was in the U.S. Air Force, Mrs. Moody was able to have a flexible work schedule within the hospital, enabling her to serve in the CCU/ICU, telemetry, trauma, med/surg, surgical prep, orthopedic, burn unit, emergency department, labor/delivery and postpartum departments. She especially enjoyed being a neonatal nurse and served for 22 years at the Eden Medical Center Sutter Affiliate in Castro Valley, California. As a Reverend, she ministers to those in need, both spiritually and physically.

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