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Ms. Lisa Moreno Dickinson


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It took 18.5 months and meetings with countless doctors before I found physicians(NIH, AFIP, CHOP and the Cleveland Clinic all helped in this dx) who could properly identify the symptoms and disease of my youngest sons rare and genetic disease. Brody, has atypical blau, vasculitis, polymyositis and arthritis. He is the only child to receive remicade infusions twice a month. My oldest son Aidan was diagnosed by Nemours children's hospital four years ago, with EPI and Ehlers Danlos(mixed connective tissue disease). Recognizing CAID symptoms/diseases to be a global epidemic, my mission was to not only help my own sons but all children around the world suffering from these life threatening and debilitating diseases. I coined the term ‘CAID’ to represent all Childhood Auto Inflammatory Diseases. Inflammation is the culprit to all CAID diseases which can/will cause excruciating pain, suffering, and irreversible damage. There are currently over 30 common/rare/genetic diseases, under the CAID umbrella. Furthermore, I alongside the Cleveland Children’s Clinic has established a center to properly diagnose children with CAIDs. Early diagnosis is key to prevent further damage as a result of the CAID symptoms. I recognized that having the diagnosis for my sons was the catalyst for finding the cure for all Auto-inflammatory Diseases. StopCAIDNow is honored to partner with Dr. Oliver Lawless, Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics and Immunology at Georgetown University. Dr. Lawless has patented a methylated DNA biologic Metvax Vaccine in 2011 to abate inflammation that is caused by the CAID diseases and in turn this will stop the painful and some irreversible symptoms associated with CAID. Currently Dr. Lawless is conducting clinical trials and the last phase for human trial and patient use is FDA approval.

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