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Ms. Linda K. Faires

(Business Owner)

About Me

I love baking! I began baking more after my mom passed, hoping to continue her traditions. I started making sugar free chocolates and gourmet popcorn for my son, toffee for my husband, and peanut brittle for my friend, Kathy. After working with a few more recipes, we were able to perfect no sugar added pies, banana bread, and cinnamon rolls. When I'm not baking, I'm either hosting my Friday night show, Saturday's International Music Hour or co-hosting the Indie Spotlight Hour Monday nights on Distant Thunder Radio, writing my book, or doing my homework. After heart surgery, I told myself I would live life the best I can. After my divorce, my high school sweetheart and I found each other again, and have been together since. I closed my companies for a couple years, but when I realized how many others we could help, with Suadela Goodies and Distant Thunder Radio, I knew they had to reopen. We love creating healthier treats for others to try, and our radio station is now a platform for Indie Artists to be heard worldwide. When invited to be a brand ambassador for Just Strong Clothing, I saw another chance to help other women impower themselves on any path they choose to follow. I'm a mom and wife.

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