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Dr. Leggie L. Boone

(Law Enforcement)

About Me

My name is Dr. Leggie [Leh ‘jee] L.Boone and I am a Forensic Analyst for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. I have been involved in forensic sciences since 1993, including overlapping years as a crime scene investigator and educator in Baltimore,Maryland. Crime scene investigation found me shortly after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Biology, while I worked toward my initial journey of veterinary science. As a civilian investigator, I learned my city, my law enforcement family, and self-reliance in coping with the tragedies of criminal violations daily. When my daughter was born, I left the hectic schedule of being a forensic services supervisor, pharmacy assistant, and adjunct professor to teach high school sciences and community college criminal justice courses. Teaching high school and college sciences inspired the pursuit of my master’s degree in forensic science. When I relocated to Florida in 2008, I returned to crime scene work and was recruited to learn latent print analysis and identification administrative duties. I have also been active in my community through my Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. membership and affiliation with multiple civic organizations. I attained my Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration, specializing in Criminal Justice and Master of Philosophy degree in Research, with the goal of improving policies and curricula in collegiate forensic sciences and law enforcement agency crime scene investigation training. My dissertation study examined the impact of critical incidents, trauma exposure, and demographic features of crime scene investigators as they relate to their perceptions of organizational support. I look forward to exploring further research, teaching, and speaking opportunities to further advance the awareness of vicarious traumatization and positive mental and physical health of second and last responders. I am inspired by the constant support of my mother and daughter, both named Leggie,and I am driven by my faith to be an author, a leader, and an agent of social change.

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