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Ms. Lea Nour


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I'm currently the operations manager For S&L companies in Florida and help oversee over 14 restaurant locations. Born on January 6 in Beirut, Lebanon, I'm the youngest daughter to an amazing father Selim Atallah. My parents are divorced since I was 3 years old. Growing up without a mom was a little challenging in life. I promised myself that I would do anything I could to make any kid who lost their mothers or fathers happy.  After my first year in college my goal was to take over the family business. But I dreamed more than that. So I decided to grab the first opportunity I could get and I moved to the United States, finished my education, and earned my hotel management degree from Penn State University. I have a son name Farid, who goes by Freddy, and I'm very proud of the young man he became. I speak 4 languages: English, Lebanese, Spanish and some French. I do have over 20 years of restaurant experience, I started with S&L Companies in August of 2019. Working for S&L Companies was the greatest decision I made in my career. S&L Companies also gave me the opportunity to become an instructor and proctor for Florida market beside holding a food safety license.

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