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Ms. Kristina N. Hernandez Eddy


About Me

Kristina N. Hernandez Eddy has earned a reputation for identifying operational gaps and fixing them at their roots. Her talents have landed her multiple leadership roles, and she dedicates most of her timeto maximizing results through strategy and business development. Each of her commitments utilize her differently:


At Harte Hanks (, she works closely with award-winning, Fortune 50 clients including major financial corporations, connecting them with their customers through behavioral data by managing a team of Quality Assurance Representatives that analyze client emails.


At Sidecar (, she serves as Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations and is responsible for the marketing automation function including analytics, tracking, measurement, and reporting of initiatives.


At KR1STNA Media (, as CEO, she connects leaders to creative solutions through consultation and project management.


Kristina understands every opportunity is unique and deserves a personalized customer journey. She enjoys streamlining and automating, building strong professional relationships, piecing opportunities together and bringing clarity to projects. Her motivation and her dedication to clients and teams are unparalleled. Questions? Email [email protected] or see for more.

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