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Kim Gravel is a veteran television host, entrepreneur, public speaker and leader, but most of all she has a passion for people and hearing their stories. Kim is regularly seen on “The Steve Harvey Show” and “Headline News Network” as a recurring contributor, was featured on the SiriusXM Radio show “Dirty Pop” with Lance Bass in the weekly advice column segment “Gravel Mail” and starred in the hit weekly docu-series “Kim of Queens” on the Lifetime Network. For Kim’s newest venture, she partnered with television and on-line retail giant QVC to launch the Belle By Kim Gravel™ apparel line in Fall 2016, and the Belle Beauty™ Cosmetic line in Summer 2017. In 1991, at the age of 19, Kim became one of the youngest Miss Georgia’s in the state pageant’s history. She went on to represent her home state in the renowned Miss America pageant and thus was asked to serve as US Goodwill Ambassador to Japan. Combining her expertise skills of communication and leadership, Kim is also a certified Life Coach. Her compassionate yet straight forward "Dr. Phil-esqe" style keeps her in high demand as a Life Coach, mentor, advisor and consultant. Kim is a sought-after keynote speaker, specializing in the areas of women’s empowerment, inspirational motivation, and beauty and image perception. She also hosts her own sold-out women's conferences annually in Atlanta.

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