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Ms. Judy Diana Villecco


About Me

Twenty-five years treatment experience inpatient and outpatient and in private practice as psychotherapist. Also, intensive work with military and their families. Taught as adjunct professor at my alma mater both undergraduate and graduate level students in addiction and prevention and also psychopathology. In my studies I did human research which culminated in a copyrighted work on Codependency Treatment Model in July1993. My book Conduct Unbecoming a story of rape in the military and much research on PTSD and how much damage it causes to readiness in the military and how it debilitates and contributes to suicide rates and depression/anxiety, Friesen Press 2013. America at the Gates of Hell, Friesen Press 2019, is about the needs of America for the transformation of hearts and minds. Never before have we faced such historical contrasts of good and evil.

Both books can be found on and Barnes and noble  in Hardback and softback.

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