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Ms. Jeanine Pirro


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Judge Jeanine Pirro joined the FOX News Channel’s network as a legal analyst in 2006 and currently serves as co-host of cable news’ highest-rated program, “The Five.” She also hosts “Castles USA” on FOX Nation. The series, currently in its second season, features Judge Pirro as she dives into the rich history of iconic castles all around the country. With a legal career spanning more than three decades, she was elected as Westchester County’s District Attorney in 1993 and held the office for three consecutive terms. Notably, Judge Pirro was the first woman to prosecute murder cases and started the first domestic violence unit in a prosecutor’s office in the country as Westchester’s assistant district attorney. In 1990, she was elected as the first woman to serve as a Westchester County Court judge. The mother of two, Judge Pirro also loves animals. She has a poodle named Stella and once had pet potbellied pigs.

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